Walking Seminars and lectures in English

Walk with me: Leftovers of villages right within the city. From my tour programme “From Village To Village”

Lectures: Mostly on weekdays, FREE. Programmes will be published in spring 2023. Walks: See table

Max. participants: 6; ideally 2-4.

Price per hour and participant €30/CZK 750 excl. tickets, meals. Prices may vary.

Infos&booking: info@kulturcafeprag.org. Ideally 2-6 participants

Walking Seminars


Length, from where

My bestseller since 2014: Seven Hours, One Tour. History Pure

Tour with lecture breaks at cafés or in parks

7 hrs., square in front of Malostranská metro station

Fascination Railway. Tracks And Railway Topography in Prague

Lecture, tour&train ride

4 hrs., Praha-Smíchov station, Northern platform severní nástupiště

Religion, Politics & Architecture: Prague’s tumultuous religious history

Tour&visit of places not accessible to the public

5 hrs., square in fron of sv. Gabriela church, Holečkova 10

Baroque: Art in lieu of war


4 hors., Bíla Hora, Tramway terminus of lines 15, 22, 25

Gothic: Italians, Normans and the abbot of St. Denis


4 hrs., U Milosrdných 14, Main entrance of the Agnes Monastery

Prague’s German Literature: Forgotten island culture of worldwide renown


4 Std., Hybernská 2, in front of Kavárna Arco

From Village To Village. The incredible variety of Prague’s “faces”

Tour&private visit

3 Std., Vorgarten des Restaurants La Route, Nad hradním vodojemem 11/29, 162 00 Praha, Střešovice

Industrial History: International trademarks from Bohemia&Moravia

Lecture, tour&museum

4 hrs., Museum Kampa courtyard

Paris-Prague. The fascinating story of the partnership of two cities 1848-1938


4 hrs., Ovocný trh, In front of the U černé matky Boží building

Architecture tour I: Historism & Art Nouveau


4 hrs., Vršovické náměstí, in front of sv. Mikulaše church

Architecture tour II: Cubism & Functionalism


4 hrs., Reserved table at Café Imperial, Na Pořičí

Through Prague’s Green Lungs I: From Kotlaska to the Botanical Garden of Malešice


4 hrs., Tram stop Divadlo pod Palmovkou, in front of the theatre

Through Prague’s Green Lungs II: Along the Prokop Valley

Tour, train ride&village brewery

4 hrs., ticket hall at Smíchov railway station

The Italians in Prague. The “forgotten” fourth ethnicity and their work


4 hrs., Mariánské náměstí, entrance to the Klementinum

Photo&Film. The long story of Photo- and Cinematography in Bohemia and Czechoslovakia


4 hrs., Jungmannovo náměstí

Industry, Art and Culture: Jewish Prague 1848-1938

Lecture, tour&museum

5 hrs., Politických věznů 20 (Ministerstvo průmyslu a obchodu)

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